Join the Three Cats Team

Businesses with a clear message win. We love to help.

What's Three Cats Marketing all about?

Three Cats Marketing is on a mission to change the way marketing is done. Most companies waste incredible amounts of money on marketing that doesn't work.  When a company's message and marketing isn't clear, they won't generate the sales they deserve. As marketing expert Donald Miller says, If you confuse, you'll lose!

Three Cats Marketing uses principles of storytelling to create an clear, engaging message. Then we take that message and build a beautiful website that encourages customers to join them on a journey. Finally, we create marketing materials that blow away the fog and show the value the company brings to its customers.

Businesses with a clear message win. We love to help.


We're always looking for special people to join the Three Cats Team!

We Love Stories

We love hearing them and creating them for our clients so their businesses grow.

We Love Saying “Yes, and...”

We’re always looking to see how we can offer even more value to our clients.

We Love Creating Success

We’re not happy until our clients succeed. Their success is our obsession.

Don't settle for just another job!

At Three Cats Marketing, you'll use and grow in your skills of leadership, communication, and customer service. You'll learn about small business from experts in the field through best-in-class career and personal development training. 

And - most importantly - you'll help our clients succeed by helping them tell a story that will grow their business. 

What does working at Three Cats look like?

Every position at Three Cats Marketing is different, but each team member prides themselves on taking action. Every day we:

Learn Something

We’re intentional about growing in both our personal and professional lives through reading, listening to podcasts, attending webinars, or through self-directed online learning.

Own Something

Every day, each of us takes responsibility for our work. We take ownership of at least one task or project each day, and work to see it through to completion.

Share Something

Each of us is created to benefit not just ourselves but our wider circles of influence. We share knowledge, time, and material blessings among ourselves, our clients, and our community.